Friday, August 26, 2011


Find Beauty in the Chaos Pendant

Seriously... I don't know that I have ever been so happy to see Friday.  Ok, that is maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but this week has been brutal (hence my blog neglect)... Back-to-school and could we just EASE into it?  Oh, that would make entirely too much sense.  NO.NO.NO.  We have flat out thrown ourselves sizzling into that frying pan.

Varsity swim try-outs at the butt crack of dawn for Sweet Son (who is such a JOY at 5:30 a.m.), the start of junior high for Dear Daughter (Week One=SUCCESS), PTA volunteer responsibilities, dance classes for DD, substitute teacher training, my parents moving, trying to get things out of my house to make room for my "new" furniture on permanent loan from Mimi and Big Daddy (who sadly thinks he will get that dining room table back from the Bermuda Triangle my house someday), working on opening a booth in a local antique mall, getting back to my C25K after a 2 week break (Week 8, Day 1 DONE today... WOOT!) and Book Club today(will post about that next week).  SHOOT.ME.NOW.

Onward and upward... until Monday my friends.  
Enjoy your weekend.  I KNOW I WILL.

I Love This Crazy Life Decal


Paige @ Little White Chapel said...

Whew! I had a tiring week, too. Took today off from The Day Job to re-group (and to visit my baby nephew, but let's just stick with re-grouping).

J.Crabbit said...

Awesome! you made it through the week. We do back to school the 6th, I was looking forward to it, until I read this... was kindergarten and 2nd grade as hard?

I think my 2 faviorte parts are a booth at a antique mall (thats awesome) and that you are doing c25K. I have made a few tracks for that, it is a great program.

Happy weekend!!

Scrappy said...

It's mixed blessing, isn't it? Finally a few quiet "I'm bored" free hours, but oh! the rest of it!

My favorite: THE FORMS! Why, when you have multiple kids in the same building do you have to do full-on forms for all of them? And why oh why don't they put it all online?!

Dita Maulani said...

Wow! What a week for you. I just have my day off for Ied Mubarok and I'm happy it means I have more time with family and boyfriend.

I love the second quotes. Enjoy your weekend!


Siddy Says said...

Beauty in Chaos! LOL. Sounds like my life!!

just B you said...

Great post! Love that necklace at the top...I recently added that to my Etsy faves. =)

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