Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DIY: Junky to JAZZY!

Working on goodies for our booth yesterday and got a creative wild hair... I needed something seasonal and eye catching but didn't want to spend any money (trying to MAKE money here, people!).  Remember those Redneck Wineglasses I spied on vacay?  Well, that got me thinking... here's what I started with:

I'm sure you have a couple of old mason jars in the back of your cabinets... if not, they are uber cheap at the grocery store or Wallyworld.   

I have about a million lone candleholders, and again, if you don't you can find them for next to nothing at a thrift store or Dollar Store.  

The curtain finial is a castoff from a rod that now has new decor to match Dear Daughter's room.  I shoved them in a drawer hoping I would find something to do with them someday, and here is SOMEDAY!

Next I dug out a couple of varieties of clear but ever so powerful glue, my trusty Mod Podge and some coordinating scrapbook paper...

I hammered a little hole in the mason jar lids and then screwed the finials right into the lid with the screw that was already attached. I applied a little Super Glue to the screw to keep it securely in place.  

Since I only had two finials and wanted to make three jars (groupings always look better in odd numbers, don't they?), I Mod Podged (that is a verb at my house) the matching scrapbook paper to the top of one of the jars. 

For all of them I glued the inner lid piece to the outer lid so that it became one solid top.  

I found the actual Super Glue worked best to attach the jars to the bases (and I suppose you could then hang yourself from the ceiling from them).  I got a little crazy and for one used an upside down soda glass as the base, and for another a $1 thrift store pewter candle holder that had no partner.  I filled them with some bright colored Halloween candy (but any seasonal candy would be cute), and VOILA!


MegansBeadedDesigns said...

A super cute project! Thanks for sharing!

Della said...

That is so clever! I love it!

Siddy Says said...

What a FUN project!! :)

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