Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DIY: Junky to JAZZY!

Working on goodies for our booth yesterday and got a creative wild hair... I needed something seasonal and eye catching but didn't want to spend any money (trying to MAKE money here, people!).  Remember those Redneck Wineglasses I spied on vacay?  Well, that got me thinking... here's what I started with:

I'm sure you have a couple of old mason jars in the back of your cabinets... if not, they are uber cheap at the grocery store or Wallyworld.   

I have about a million lone candleholders, and again, if you don't you can find them for next to nothing at a thrift store or Dollar Store.  

The curtain finial is a castoff from a rod that now has new decor to match Dear Daughter's room.  I shoved them in a drawer hoping I would find something to do with them someday, and here is SOMEDAY!

Next I dug out a couple of varieties of clear but ever so powerful glue, my trusty Mod Podge and some coordinating scrapbook paper...

I hammered a little hole in the mason jar lids and then screwed the finials right into the lid with the screw that was already attached. I applied a little Super Glue to the screw to keep it securely in place.  

Since I only had two finials and wanted to make three jars (groupings always look better in odd numbers, don't they?), I Mod Podged (that is a verb at my house) the matching scrapbook paper to the top of one of the jars. 

For all of them I glued the inner lid piece to the outer lid so that it became one solid top.  

I found the actual Super Glue worked best to attach the jars to the bases (and I suppose you could then hang yourself from the ceiling from them).  I got a little crazy and for one used an upside down soda glass as the base, and for another a $1 thrift store pewter candle holder that had no partner.  I filled them with some bright colored Halloween candy (but any seasonal candy would be cute), and VOILA!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Baby Booth... Phase One

This weekend marks the beginning of a new adventure at our house... the opening of an antique/vintage/gift booth at KT Antiques.  Mimi (my mom) and I decided on Friday (you read that right) to lease a space... and move in on Sunday.  Yep, from conception to birth in two days... ARE WE CRAZY?  

Here is how the booth looked on Friday... right before the lovely gentleman who had been the proprietor arrived to start clearing out.

I like to call this style Early Clutter.  Not exactly the vibe we are going for... and not really the vibe of most of the rest of the store either, thank goodness.

Here is our little corner of the retail world on Saturday when Dear Daughter and I stopped by to take measurements and steal  glean some set-up ideas from our fellow vendors.

Does it surprise anyone that DD has inherited the junk vintage gene?  I am going to have to keep her out of here or my profits are TOAST.  But I digress...

I should also mention that despite her occasional shopping breaks, she was a GINORMOUS help on MOVE-IN DAY... as were Mimi, Big Daddy, Handsome Hubby, and Sweet Son.   Makes me feel like bustin' out a little "It's a Family Affair"... digressing again.

My Sidekick

So here is our Baby Booth at the end of Day One... still so much to add and do, I have three boxes of goodies headed over today.  But we've got a good base, just needs to be fluffed but that's the fun part. 

I found a few blogs that offered tips and tricks to setting up this type of booth.  Tip Number One... put something in the middle to create an "aisle" for your customers to browse... CHECK.

Next I'll show you how I created our very own "vintage" price tags... stay tuned!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Find Beauty in the Chaos Pendant

Seriously... I don't know that I have ever been so happy to see Friday.  Ok, that is maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but this week has been brutal (hence my blog neglect)... Back-to-school and could we just EASE into it?  Oh, that would make entirely too much sense.  NO.NO.NO.  We have flat out thrown ourselves sizzling into that frying pan.

Varsity swim try-outs at the butt crack of dawn for Sweet Son (who is such a JOY at 5:30 a.m.), the start of junior high for Dear Daughter (Week One=SUCCESS), PTA volunteer responsibilities, dance classes for DD, substitute teacher training, my parents moving, trying to get things out of my house to make room for my "new" furniture on permanent loan from Mimi and Big Daddy (who sadly thinks he will get that dining room table back from the Bermuda Triangle my house someday), working on opening a booth in a local antique mall, getting back to my C25K after a 2 week break (Week 8, Day 1 DONE today... WOOT!) and Book Club today(will post about that next week).  SHOOT.ME.NOW.

Onward and upward... until Monday my friends.  
Enjoy your weekend.  I KNOW I WILL.

I Love This Crazy Life Decal

Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to Monday...

First day of school today... first day for Dear Daughter to step out of the safe haven that is elementary school into the big, bad world of JUNIOR HIGH.  Ugh.  She's ready, and I'm excited for her... but she's my BABY and that school is BIG and girls are MEAN and... well, I could go on and on but I'm trying very hard not to be a helicopter mommy.  And I can't even talk about the fact that Sweet Son is now a JUNIOR.  Really?

But there is a bright side... and I do mean BRIGHT.  Check out DD's locker...

Wallpaper, lamp and rug by Lockerlookz

Yes, that IS a lamp that LIGHTS UP when you open the door, and WALLPAPER and a SHAG CARPET.  SERIOUSLY.  And here is the million dollar question... WHY, OH WHY did I not think of this first?  Rumor has it two mommies came up with this stuff while hanging out in their garage... and they are apparently now two RICH GENIUS mommies, because our local Learning Express can't keep it in stock.  GENIUS, I tell ya'.  Pure genius.  Go to their website and you can virtually design your very own locker... it's oddly addicting.

The Magnetic Mesh Vanity Bin is from The Container Store.  The turquoise bin, fun little chipboard flower magnets and magnetic dry erase markers are from Target.  The bright colored locker shelves are from Walgreens, but you can find similar online HERE.

I made the dry erase board by painting an old frame lime green and putting some pretty purple scrapbook paper behind the glass.  You can find the tutorial for a similar version HERE, paint it whatever color you wish and make it your own.

I would have been ALL OVER this when I was in 6th grade but since we were stuck taping up pics of Leif Garrett and Shaun Cassidy torn out of our "Tiger Beat" magazines, I will just have to live vicariously. 
Happy Back To Reality School everyone...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Finds...

Of course we had to spend a day antiquing on our recent vacation, here is our crazy crew on the way out the door...

My Aunt Dorine, My Mom, me, and their BFF since high school, Jane Ann

I didn't do much actual BUYING (no room in the Clampett truck to take anything home, unless I left one of the kids at the beach)... but I did get some interesting ideas I thought I would bring back for you all.  I'm really am going to attempt my own version of these once school gets back in session and I have time to putter (did I really just SAY that?  WHEN do I ever have time to PUTTER???).  ANYWHO... 

Mimi (my mother) saw this adorable table... the top is covered in burlap, with large upholstery tacks (I think that's what they are) around the sides and glass on top.  Totally chic and what a great way to jazz up an old scratched up side table... Really any kind of fabric would look great, but I just love, love, love the texture of the burlap with the glass.

I spied these stunning candle lamps on the way out of a shop... 
can you figure out what they are?

Yep, if you look closely you can see these are just bunch of inexpensive random glass vases, cups, bowls and decanters all fused together and hanging by a chain.  I have about 10 of those cheap florist vases under my kitchen sink. Wouldn't these be lovely on a covered patio?  So pretty, easy and CHEAP!!!  Oh, and I think they were selling them for about $75!

Finally, and I have no idea WHY these grabbed my attention, but I just think they're FUN...

Redneck Wine Glasses

These are just old Mason jars with inexpensive candle holders attached to the bottom... wouldn't these make a fun gift filled with some Skinny-Girl Margarita mix or candy and tied with a big bow?   Now, if I could just find some time to PUTTER.   Heavy sigh...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Semi-Wordless Wednesday... Back to the Beach

I wish.  Not quite ready to admit vacation is over.  
A few more of my fave Hipstamatic pics...

And finally, sunset at Tacky Jack's in Ft. Morgan (not so tacky, huh?)...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Movie Monday...

The Clampetts are back!  Vacation is (sadly) over.  Great trip, and I'm sure more posts to come with vacay tidbits and pics... but now it's MONDAY (yea me, it really IS Monday!) and time for a little movie love.

We had movie night with the fam at the beach... Big kids went to a BIG kid movie, and little kids went to a kiddie flick.  How did we accomplish this amazing feat all at once, you ask?  Side-by-side theaters with showings 15 minutes apart and one VERY Sweet Son who took little sister and 2 happy cousins to...

Dear Daughter has been begging, and I kept S.T.A.L.L.I.N.G.  I don't think you even have to ask how much we heart Sweet Son for making this ultimate sacrifice.  So, this is mostly a guest review...

Almost 17 year old Sweet Son:  Uh... that movie was definitely NOT for me. NOT.FOR.ME.
Dear Daughter:  Great!  But I'm kinda sad that Smurfette did not get a boyfriend... the 3D was good, but it didn't, like, come out and grab you.  
Some dad next to us kept busting out laughing really loud 
when no one else was laughing... weird.
6 and 8 year old nieces:  AWESOME!  
BIG KIDS:  BEST movie we ever did NOT have to see!

And yes... we know we owe Sweet Son BIG time, like a big screen TV for his room kind of big time.

Now, to the good stuff...the BIG kid movie!

DISCLAIMER:  I was literally one half way through the book when we went to the movie.  Being a rather detailed person (I think some might say anal, but whatever), this drove me a little nuts... it was FRESH on my brain and when they chose to change/leave out/move around parts of the storyline (as they always do in movie adaptations) it annoyed me.  Maybe I should have finished the book first.

DESPITE my hang-ups, this was still a great movie.
Obviously, it's an important topic based in a critical time in our country's history... it is also superbly written and acted.  Oh, and be sure to bring your tissues.

As I have already mentioned in a previous Movie Monday, I am an Emma Stone fan.  I knew she was cast as Skeeter, but as I was reading the book, I was having a hard time picturing HER... she proved me so wrong.

Viola Davis (Doubt, Disturbia, Eat Pray Love)... SPOT ON as Aibileen.  Very rarely do I think the casting in a movie exactly matches the character I have in my head when I read a book... she IS Aibileen.

Octavia Spencer... BAM.  Lightning strikes twice... she IS Minny.  From my research she was mostly a bit part actor before, but I'm guessing her salary demands just went WAY up.

Cameo by Cicely Tyson as Constantine... heartbreaking and beautiful.

Sissy Spacek as Missus Walters... have you EVER seen Sissy when you didn't LOVE her?  Just sayin'.

Allison Janney as Skeeter's mom, Charlotte Phelan... love her but TOTALLY not how I pictured this character, not even close.

Bryce Dallas Howard (Opie's daughter... really, HOW did I not snap to this before?) as Hilly Holbrook was my FAVORITE of the entire movie.  She OOZES biotch.  In the book she is chubbier, probably not nearly as pretty, but she has the role of racist, snotty, close minded, elitist, spoiled Southern society witch down to a SCIENCE... not a single tiny little redeeming quality.  Delicious!

I feel the same way about this movie as I did about "The Color Purple"... if you read the book, see the movie... if you see the movie read the book.   They are different and the same and both excellent in their own right.

And just because it is Movie Monday... I watched one of the all time best movies EVER this morning (for the 3,458th time).

I don't even need to say anything, do I?

"She gave me a pen. I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen." 
-Lloyd Dobler

Friday, August 5, 2011

And We're Off...

It's the day we've been waiting for ALL summer... actually ALL year.  We are heading out today for our family's most favorite week of the year.  NINETEEN of us ages two to ummm... we'll just say much older, from both sides of the family plus a couple of extra's thrown in for good measure... at the beach... in three condos... for a week.  WOOT!  Now that's what I call a

Too dang bad Frankie and Annette can't join us.

And I know I'm not supposed to tell the entire world we are leaving town, but if anyone has any idea about ransacking our house while we're gone, don't bother... we are taking EVERYTHING we own with us. 
My SUV looks pretty much like this...

And if that doesn't deter any potential robbers... guess who lives next door?

Yep... that's Mrs. Kravitz, AKA my next door neighbor.  Don't worry, if she reads this she won't be offended, she is well aware of her stellar snooping skills.

So the next time you hear from me, I plan to be posting from
THIS VERY SPOT where I intend to be planted for the next week...

Oh, be right back... I think my glass needs a little umbrella.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Semi-Wordless Wednesday... Practice Makes Perfect

Yeah, yeah... I know, it's Thursday.  But I started out the week one day off and being a bit of a Type A, I like to be consistent.  I'll try to get my act together when school starts... promise.

My little Cake Chick is about to attempt cakes WITH FONDANT (cue the scary music) for my niece's joint birthday parties on our vacation next week.
DD and one of her BFF's had a practice session yesterday with our new oversized cupcake pan...don't even ASK how much money we spent on cake decorating junk supplies at Michael's today.  OY.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Movie Monday...

Ok... I know, it's Tuesday.  It's summer, I have no clue what day it is and I can't be bothered with details.  And it's still freaking HOT here in Africa Houston.
That means more movies...

First was an afternoon movie date with Dear Daughter.  I wanted to see Captain America, but she outvoted me and we ended up spending the afternoon with...

Kevin James is somewhat believable as a hapless but lovable zoo manager, and animals who talk is always a good schtick (Cher as the Lioness... LOVE).  The monkey is hysterical (Adam Sandler... DUH) and the bears and elephant cracked me up more than once.  For a PG rating I did think there were a few things that were tasteless and probably could have been left out... most kids would not understand what it means to "lead with your puddin' cup", but really necessary?  And at the advice of the wolf he pees on a tree to mark his territory?
Yeah... you get my drift.
Dear Daughter enjoyed it, but you could totally wait for Netflix.

Then it was DATE NIGHT... let's get a WOOT WOOT for date night!  Somehow I managed to get Handsome Hubby to go see what I ASSUMED he would label 

Do NOT wait for Netflix to see this one if you don't have to... Handsome Hubby even liked it.  As Laugh Out Loud Funny as it was thought provoking and touching, and if you are a person like me some that I know who have been married forever a good amount of time, you will totally "get" this movie... or, if you are a young, cute hottie like Emma Stone (the smarter SOBER version of Lohan, if you haven't seen Easy A, Netflix NOW) or Ryan Gosling (HELLO Ryan Gosling!), you will also "get" this movie.  Julianne Moore?  LOVE.  Kevin Bacon?  O.M.G... every girl who ever saw Footloose in high school, UBER LOVE.
Steve Carell and Marisa Tomei?  Just flipping HYSTERICAL.  
Good stuff... go see it.  PRONTO.

In other entertainment news this Movie Monday (OKAY, Tuesday)...
Did you know (or care) MTV just had it's 30th Anniversary?  THIRTY YEARS.  Umm... that means those of us who actually remember when MTV (in case my younger friends don't know, that DID stand for MUSIC Television) played videos and had these groovy peeps called VJ's must now be officially O.L.D. 

Maybe VINTAGE is a better word... you know how I LOVE vintage.

The ORIGINAL MTV VJ's... can you name them?

Really, we ARE the original MTV generation,
and that just makes us, like totally, like bitchin'...
(I should be embarrassed to admit how many times I have seen Valley Girl,
but I'm not).

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Mother of all Giveaways!!!

So, this little blog of mine is just growing by leaps and bounds... ALMOST up to 400 followers.  But as Big Daddy says, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, SO I'm teaming up with some other bloggy friends for a MONSTER giveaway... what could you win, you ask?
Maybe a chalkboard, or a necklace... earrings, perhaps?  Ummm... no.  
How about $1000 smackeroos?  Yep, you read that right, ONE THOUSAND big fat dollars CASHola sent straight to your Paypal account... 
how's THAT for a giveaway?!


Survey Junkie

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$1,000 CASH prize will be delivered via Paypal after the winner has confirmed. The winner has 48 hours to confirm their winning notification.  If the winner does not respond within 48 hours of receipt of the winning email a new winner will then be drawn and so on and so forth.
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