About Me

25 Things You Probably Don't Really Need To Know
(I wrote this several years ago when it was floating around Facebook,
but since it pretty much sums it all up I'm repeating)

1. I never in a million years thought I would be a stay-at-home mom... although I hardly ever actually stay at home.

2. I met my husband at a gay bar... no, he's not gay... it was quarter drink night and when we were broke in college we would go anywhere for a cheap drink.

3. The night I met Handsome Hubby he told me he was 21, and since I was 20 and he looked like he was 12, I made him show me his driver's license... he had just turned 19 the week before.  DUH, did I look stupid?

4. I can tie and untie knots in cherry stems with my tongue... it's an inherited family talent.

5. I am the mother of a competitive swimmer, President of our summer league neighborhood swim team, and am often accused of being a swim team nazi, however I have never swam further than 25 yards in my life.

6. I don't like to "lose" people and work very hard to keep in touch with the many people who have made an impact on my life.

7. I had the most amazing family and extended family a kid could ask for, and knew 5 of my great grandparents long enough to actually remember hanging out with them... my grandmother taught me how to drive and crochet (although I never had the patience for more than a straight stitch), my great uncle taught me how to swim, ride a bike and ride a horse, my grandfather taught me how to fish, snap green beans, and peel shrimp, my great aunt taught me how to shop and set a beautiful table... the list goes on and on.

8. I am a HULA HOOP QUEEN! I am even better in heels after a few glasses of wine...

9. I love themes... theme parties, theme days, theme weeks... Dear Daughter has the same affliction.

10. I have never been afraid to tell people what I think, so if you don't want to know, don't ask.

11. I love to dance with my husband... the first song we ever danced to (at the gay bar) was Sledgehammer.

12. I love, love, love to watch my kid's, nieces and nephews, friend's kids, and kid's friends play sports or perform.

13. I had some awesome adult role models and friends when I was growing up, neighbors, family, family friends, pastors, youth group leaders, teachers... I strive to be the same for the many kids in my life.

14. I don't eat meat... even though I was addicted to cheeseburgers in my earlier years.

15. My ideal vacation is a beach with my family, a lounge chair, an umbrella, a good book and a cocktail for as many days as I can get away with it...

16. I got to go to Paris for the first time several years ago because my then 7 year old daughter guilted my daddy into sending her on a trip there for Christmas... OH, the powers of granddaughter persuasion.

17. I usually send 250 Christmas cards... again, I don't like to lose people. And if you are sending one to me, it better have a picture of your family included because I save them all.

18. I think gas log fireplaces and seat heaters are two of the greatest inventions of all-time.

19. I love to go to movies by myself and I think a large pretzel and a Coke Icee is a complete and perfect meal.

20. I took piano for 12 years because my great Aunt Orangie wanted me to be Miss America...

21. I am a huge Astros fan, and even got Astros license plates for Mother's Day.  (obviously I wrote this several years ago, as they are now affectionately referred to in my house as the LASTros)

22. My "call name" when I worked at Texas Tumbleweed restaurant in college was "Dallas"... Handsome Hubby's was "Tex."

23. I have owned and loved 4 standard poodles in my life... Ricky, Thriller, Tex, and Hollister... the funniest dogs ever.

24. I once bought enough beer for 10 girls (and a very smart guy friend who went on the trip as our bodyguard of sorts) to drink for an entire week of spring break on my grandfather's Texaco card... he never said a word about it.

25. My kids behave better on long car trips than I do, in fact, my kids behave better than I do most of the time.

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