Saturday, May 28, 2011

Maxi for Me?

Has there ever been a clothing trend that you just L.O.V.E. but can't seem to make work?  That's me and the Maxi Dress.  I see them everywhere... flowy, cool, comfy... just picturing myself wearing one walking barefoot on the beach at sunset with a glass of wine in hand.  AHHHHHHH... but alas, it is not to be.

I was genetically blessed (thank you Mimi and Big Daddy) with good legs, they are strong and thin but shapely without me having to do one single thing to keep them that way...but don't hate me, because on the flip side, I despise my arms.  Not only are they wimpy (could not do a pull-up if my life depended on it), they are attached to broad shoulders and have no definition no matter the amount of stupid bicep curls I force on them.  Now... put those two together in a maxi dress, and no matter HOW CUTE the dang dress is, they all hide the legs and show off the arms.  BOO.  I found this one yesterday at Kohl's, which I LOVE because
1. it's black
2. it has wide enough straps to wear an actual bra
(I'm genetically blessed in some other areas that make spaghetti straps a bit tricky) 
3. it's a great fabric
4. it is on sale
Or not... because when I try it on, even though it fits perfectly ALL I SEE ARE ARMS.  

Daisy Fuentes Crochet Maxi Dress

So, I'm trying to talk myself into stepping out of my box... add some cute turquoise jewelry, a fabulous pair of shoes and ARMS BE DAMNED.  Do I dare?


julie cavender said...

I think you should go for it!! I have neither nice shapely legs or well toned upper arms. What do I wear? Shorts(not short shorts) and tank tops. If people think I look weird, well, I don't care! Wear some awesome bracelets and a cool necklace, you'll be fine.

brittany leigh said...

i guarantee that no one will notice your arms except you!! I say go for it!

if you are still self conscious try a maxi dress like this one

all the flowy wonderfulness with covered up arms!


Orangies Attic said...

Brittany... I LOVE that dress, have looked online and can't find it anywhere. :(

Della said...

Oh I hope you can find it! You should have it, and wear it! I love dresses myself, and my arms aren't the greatest either.

Duni said...

The Maxi is such a nice style for summer. Unfortunately I can't wear one, because I'm too small. I just feel it looks better on tall women ;-)

Kala said...

Yes, I say, go for it. You will look lovely:):) I am not one for maxi's myself:)

Kelly said...

Thanks for the follow :)
I think you should definitely try the maxi dress! So what if your arms aren't perfect? No one's are. And that's the beauty of us :)

Go for it and wear it proudly :D


Melissa said...

If you love it, throw on some jewelry, add a short-sleeved cardigan or a brightly colored short-sleeved blazer and ROCK that maxi! I really like it. They say short chicks shouldn't wear them either but I just bought four at Ross and have been wearing them anyway. :)

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Kanelstrand said...

Why don't you get another awesomely lovely dress with short sleeves? They will complement your arms for sure!

Stephanie said...

You should totally go for it - you'll look great! xoStephanie

Lulu Grey said...

I say wear it! Arm fear be damned. I have no doubt that with a little confidence, you will be fierce in that dress!

Anonymous said...

Definitely, buy the dress. Someday you'll look back and
see yourself differently and wish you had worn what you love.

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