Friday, May 20, 2011

I Don't Want to be the Mommy... At Least Not Today.

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Posting late today... actually, I wasn't going to post at all.  My mind has been swimming with those thoughts parents have when they just aren't sure they made the right decision regarding their child.  No reason to bore you with the details, but I am having trouble focusing on anything because all the negative "what if's" are streaming through my head like a bad reality TV show marathon.  

Our family is having to make a decision regarding Dear Daughter that I wish we didn't have to make... it's nothing earth shattering, but it IS something that is very important to her and the chain of events and decisions that have finally come to a head are haunting me.  I wonder if we could have done something different, made a better or smarter choice so that she wouldn't be put in a situation that has had her in tears and made her so sad.  

These are the days that I wish I were not the Mommy... there is no easy way to handle your child's disappointment.  EVER. EVER. EVER.  It makes my heart hurt.  Of course, the greatest thing about kids is they are able to move on so much quicker than the adults... here she is headed out for Nerd Day at school this morning.  If I look at this picture long enough... at her big goofy grin and sassy strut, it starts to drown out that nasty marathon episode of "Loser Mama"...


Jordan said...

I hope everthing is going okay... ((hugs!!)) Good luck!! <3

I love her outfit!! Hehe- I'd wear nerd glasses on a daily basis... minus the tape! ;D


Janet said...

Parenting is the best thing...except when it's not. Hope things get better soon.

Rebecca said...

Parenting is definitely not for the faint of heart. :) Still searching for than darn instruction manual!

A. Alexandra said...

She looks soo cute!!

My mom would always tell me "just tell your therapist it's your mom's fault!"

You do what you have to do as a parent. You make the best decision possible there really is no right or wrong.

Bloomsbury Loft said...

I do to have a daughter and have had the same mommy dearest feelings. One thing I can say that has helped me keep my sanity is the fact that i do not think of the if's, because you can not possibly know the future, but the present you know very well. So, in making descions you have to believe in your first instinct and hope that you can help your daughter with this. As an artist I can say my heart is always right and my daughter knows that.
Good luck and stay in the present!

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