Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One Mimi's Trash...

My mother is on her annual girl's sabbatical to Scotland... three weeks with her best girlfriends staying in a castle  with nothing more serious on the agenda than eating, socializing and antiquing.  Her dear friend, June, just so happens to live in that castle which once required them to go antiquing for something like 28 dining room chairs and a table to fit them.  I don't think I could fit 28 chairs in my entire house, but I digress.   My mom wrote to me yesterday (via facebook, she is a hip and high-tech grandma) that she and her sweet friends have been shopping around the hills of Scotland for ME... or more specifically for vintage things to list in my etsy store, Orangie's Attic.  Can we get a WOO HOO?!?!

My mother (known around these parts as Mimi) has excellent taste, in friends and in antiques.   I am (almost) embarrassed to admit how many treasures have found a place in my home which were sent here with the intention of being sold in one of my many garage sales...you can often find my daddy (AKA Big Daddy), walking out of some room in my house scratching his head saying, "Carol, don't we have a painting just like that one in Kelly's bathroom?"  Umm... well, you did.   For example this antique needlepoint she found on one of her trips: 

Or this antique original oil painting...

Or this sweet little vintage tole tray:

Seriously... who sells this stuff in a GARAGE SALE?  She gets tired of them, brings them to my house, and they miraculously disappear off my driveway and find their way onto my walls, shelves, wherever they look happiest.  Thankfully, she loves me more than she loves the $5 or $10 she would have made...lucky me!

So let's all say a prayer to the vintage Gods for Mimi and her menagerie to strike gold in some junky little thrift store in the Old Country... and then let's say a prayer that I have the willpower to actually sell them.


Linnet said...

Kelly, you are such a lucky gal! can't wait to see all the new goodies that Mimi sends back to you, that's IF you don't decide to keep them all!

Good luck to you with your blog ~ looks like it is sure to be a hit ~ you've got a great writing style!


Annette said...

Oh how lucky you are! Wish I could go to Scotland antiquing!

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Hi there

I am sure your mum will find lots of great things when in Scotland, I do the same when I come over the States, I buy lots of things to sell but they somehow seem to stay in the house...

Will Write 4 Food said...

That is so sweet of her! I hope I can go stay in a castle overseas and be a hip, cool grandma someday!

-Tiffany Rainey with Will Write 4 Food



Judy El Masri said...

Mimi deserves shopping therapy, girlfriend therapy and hopefully some cocktail therapy. When she comes home she will feel like a new woman! Hey I think I need a trip like that :) Love those Mimi finds and I bet she finds some good stuff--kind of surprised Mosquito isn't in on that shopping action----or maybe she is ;)

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