Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Finds...

So, I've been on a thrifting kick lately.  Perhaps it has something to do with those two words that are looming larger and larger in my future... COLLEGE TUITION.   Or maybe I'm just cheap.  Whatever the reason, I'm having some fun finding things both for myself and the booth.  Check out my latest treasures...

Just adore this cute little rattan and bamboo side table... it was marked "not for sale" but was sitting in an area of FOR SALE stuff, so I took it up front and asked and YIPPEE, it was in fact mismarked and mine to take home for a whopping $4.00!  Yes, please!  This little sweetie is booth bound.

I can't get enough of shabby old artwork... this one is very old and very sweet.  The bird?  Just loved his colors and doesn't he look so regal?  Also booth bound!

These chickens make me happy... two of them are salt and pepper shakers and two of them are just plain cute.  Off to the booth they go...

Now, a few things for ME!  What I'm finding about thrifting for clothes/accessories?  There are things I would probably never pay full price for, but would love to have if the CPW (cost per wear) were low.  BINGO!  

What's in my cart?

The corduroy leopard print jacket was in new condition, and only $9.00.  Animal prints are the new neutral and I'm a little obsessed.  SCORE. 

The giraffe bag... so cute!  I love to change up bags every now and then, but this is not versatile enough for me to justify a big purchase.  But at $5.00?  
Yep, I can justify.

The NEW red Coldwater Creek peplum jacket/blouse.  Not something I would wear too often, but perfect for substitute teaching or those times when I need to look a bit dressier/more professional... and at $6.00 it's a steal.

Check out those rockin' red Laredo Ropers!  These are actually for Dear Daughter, as it's coming up on Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo time... her feet are still growing and I am not spending $100 on boots she will wear for a week and then outgrow.  These?  Leather, name brand, excellent condition, and only $20. 

That's all I got for now... 
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momto8 said... must just look at that stuff and feel good! good for you. I have never shopped in thrift stores before..I am coming around now to this new idea!! Thanks.
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Kir Gallo said...

Found you on Hop Along Friday! Find me at

Debbie M. said...

Have a great weekend! From the hop
google+, twitter and GFC follower

Susan said...

Love the clothes and rattan table!

Katie said...

Excellent thrifting finds! I get lots of pants and tops for my 4-year-old because he grows so fast!

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